Monday, August 11, 2008


So I have seen a new side of myself. Well Athena the crazy old lady came into Allens of course she wante3d the little greek girl to help her. So I helped her. First she tells me hwo she is soooo fat. This lady is like 105 lbs. Of course I tell her shes not. She starts complaining about how everything has too much salt in it, then still picked up a can of really salty soup. Next she wanted some fruit. She kept saying "what is that? is that a peach? I cfan't see I'm blind." I helped her and I was sure glad that I hadn't lost it completely like all crazy greek women. Well We were waiting in the checkout line and she turns around to the girl behind her and tells her shes beautiful and asks her whe came from. The girl was from Mexico and so Athena states "you would never know, you look like a beautiful European." I couldn't believe that she pretty much insulted the girl when she thought she was giving her a compliment. Then seh turns to the girl in the line and says the u sual that she will skin her hide if she doesn't give the right amount of change. The girl looked scared. well we3 were walking out the door and she started telling me how people think she is so funny. She is just joking and she is so funny. I suddenly realizied at that moment that I do all of those things. I am already blind, overly conscious about my weight, hate salty foods but eat them constantly, say awkward things and I think I am funny. I think that it is too late for me I am doomed to utter craziness. I will quote the commercial that is playing right now. " I say goodbye. Hello Hello." I'm glad that I am coming to terms with my craziness.
Well this week was actually pretty traumatizing at allens. I was working gravges and then sleeping for 2-3 hours then going to Allens. I was already sooo tired and I had this old man yelling at me that I stole his money. I knew that I hadn't because it was the last five in the drawer and so I had to give him five ones instead. Well so he was literally yelling and wouldn't believe me even though he had the money in his hand. He insisted that he already had the money. Then there was this little eight year old girl and her sister that were sitting there staring at the makeup and kept coming in. They were obviously stealing just by the way they were acting. Well the girl sent up her cute little sister to return the stolen makeup. The best part was the little girl said that she decided she didn't want the most expensive lipstick and wanted to return it. Its kidno f odd how this girl wasn't even old enough to wwear maekup let alone the most expensive kind. Well so I took the item, dont' forget that the other guy was still yelling really loud. I went to the computer and checked when it was last bought. Funny thing was that it ahd never beeen bought. I gave the item to my supervisor and she kept it and I basically just ran away from the whole situation. I was kind of hyperventalating. Then Laurie, Jesse's mom, called me oer and she wanted to introduce me to this lady that was the mother of Jesse's friend that commit suicide. The lady started crying when i was talknig to her. I just didn't know what to do ohter than say nice things and give her a hug. . I went and sat down adfter this and just wanted to cry. then the old man came back who thought i stole his money. He found me adn wanted to talk to me. I thought he was goign to literally shoot me, but instead of pulling a gun out of his poicked he pulled out a five dollar bill. He realized that he screwed up and felt really bad. So he gave me five bucks. That was nice. I was jsut emotionally spent. haaaa breathe out.
WEll the wedding plans are going slowly. Its hard when your bestrfriends are not around. just kidding. Well Jesse and I went ot Ikea on friday adn bought a bunch of tables. We did not have any of those at all. We got a bed last week, a really cheap used futon that looks really nice, a bookcase, and my favorite accent pillows for hte couch. Our apartment looks awesome. I got the dark wood tables and we have a light couch and then we ahve the blue accent pillows that adds this awesome effect. I am stoked out about it. I've decided to do the cake with the sour cream for my wedding cake. It should be delicious. I am probably going to try to get it done at allens for really cheap.
I've started wedding dress shopping. I have to get a dress that is way too big to fit my boobs. The waist ahs to be lower so that I dont' look like I'm all chest. but I really want lifts i the dress because thats what I like. I found one that i liked all right but it just needed a lot of work to be beautiful. there was not any beading on it and theere was a belt thing on it that was just ugly so I would have to replace that. But it rfelt really well on my chest. I hate my booobs I am about to cut htem off. I relaly think that they have gotten bigger. Well day two of teh shpping will stsart after work today

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