Friday, February 12, 2010

Good news

With one day left till I'm 13 weeks, I guess I can announce that I'M PREGNANT!!!!! So if I have been acting dazed out, or freaked out, or tired, or sickly now you know why. I feel like the world should know I'm pregnant it is the thing that occupies all my thoughts. Plus I think I am so fat that who wouldn't know. I knew I was pregnant when my dog wouldn't stop sniffing my butt. Thank you Lucy. I'm afraid for the deformities my child will probably have because of my two bouts of srep throat and the flu. Thanks to my mom I'mpretty sure that everyone already knows anyway. Jesse and I are so excited and petrified. Here is the ultra sound from last week.

On another note I have discovered two new songs that I love. Last request by Paulo something and Lullaby by Creed. Both songs make me cry. That may not say much seeing as I am always crying. If you want to check out some awesome Regina Spektor songs, these are my favorites. - One more time with Feeling, Laughing With, Hero, Blue Lips, and Eet.

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