Monday, September 8, 2008

Don't read this if you are a guy or easily offended

Ok I really haven't writtten in a while, but a bunch of funny good things have happened in my life. Well just so you all are aware I am up at 2 am not by choice but because I am at work, working the whole night then moving to my next job at seven am till 1 pm. What was I thinking?"?? Well Jesse made some good ice cream tonight, he is a conteseur of making home made ice cream, just one more reason Krystal should come home. I really have more interesting things to say other than that, but I was compelled to write it. Well Jesse asked me a good question today that I have been thinking about. Are you my big boobs some sort of fluke. While I am not quite sure what he meant by that i have been thinking 1. God has a sense of humor. 2. Genetic screw up. 3. Hormones are out of control in a weird way. This stems because I mad e a recent expensive purchase. After my sisters recent criticisms that I don't take care of myself and I need a better bra. I broke down against all of my frustrations and anguish withe the cruel cruel world of bras and went to dillards. My friend Ashlee had told me that she heard they have the "abnormal" sizes that I might need. I was kind of put off by the whole situation because time after time they tell me I am a 36 DD, but I bust out of it and it hikes up my back because my ribs are not that big. Well I went ot Dillards and the girl just walked right into the dressing room with me after I asked her if they had weird sizes. Then she demanded that I take off my shirt. I took a deep breath and thought "Why God do these type of things happen to me." So I did it and she measured me at a 32 I. What is a 32 I??? Well they didn't have that size but they did have 34 g. The girl then helped me put on all the bras and stayed right by my half naked side while I did it to tell me how it fit. It was a little awkward because she then brought in the other girl about my size and thye were both like "woah. . . thats crazy." Theres nothing like feeling like a circus freak. I do have to say they fit amazingly compared to any bra I have ever put on before. Yes they don't fit perfectly, but I don't have to fill so self conscious that my next move may be a bad one. It really was a happy story. I bought four bras and spent a lot of money, because people that are abnormal freaks of nature have to pay more for their stuff. It doens't make sense to me considering it probably is less material than someone a lot bigger. I really hope this subject isn't too inappropriate, but it really was just one of those times in my life where I had to wonder how I got there and what does the future hold.
Well I checked out flowers this weekend. I also kind of lost it this weekend. Jesse asked me what I wanted as far as a backdrop and I started exploding saying "how should I know what I want for a freaking back drop, who really cares, we are already in a gym, you can't exactly hide that fact with a stupid backdrop that i stand in front of." Then I really started going off saying, "why don't you just choose the stupid thing, how many decisions do you think that i can make, I decided everything and I CAN'T MAKE ANY MORE DECISIONS!!!" I still think that the whole thing is stupid and jesse is getting picky about details like cakes and the what not so i just don't think we have enough money and i really just need to chill out, Its funny that whenvever i get off the hormone injections of BC I tend to be a little . . . welll. . . out of control and ridiculous. I'm sorry that anyone had to deal with me off of it. Honestly its probablay just an excuse.
I went ot a greek festival on a double date wiht my sister and her boyfriend. Jesse ate everything there was to eat and then said it was subpar. I'm not really sure why he ate so much of it then, but it was funny watching him go. I like my sisters boyfirned I think they work very well together. I feel like sometimes she is afraid that he is going to find out some deep dark secret about her, because whenever i tell funny stories from her past she gives me this helpless look of I hate you and I"m going to cry. I wish she could realize that he soaks it up and love it. Come on who wouldn't love to hear Liz's weird stories.
I saw Dara for the first time this week and it was really funny. For some reason everytime we are together items in our mouths become projectile and that is truly one of hte vbest memories of Dara. Well hte server here is reseting in four minutes, thus meaning I have to go. Its been funa nd only three and a half hours to go. Wahoo

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