Tuesday, June 23, 2009

talking away I don't know what to say but I'll say it anyway

I realized that my blog really needs updating. So I guess while I make a cd for my trip that I will update the blog.
Well today was one of those days where I think I should just shut myself in a room and have no human contact because I think i pissed every living soul off. It makes me wonder what I got myself into by sealing my fate in provo. I planned a ton of stuff for the weekend before Dara's bday, but then I didn't even call her on her birthday. I keep doing stupid things like that.
Well on a more upbeat note, I am leaving for California on friday. I think I need a long break from everything. We are going to go to san diego, then we are going up to the saquilia forest and going camping with my brother and fam. Then we are going to st George. I just want to do a few specific things, but I won't go into detail.
We are getting a lot further in the process with the house. We will hear officially by next week. I hope to get the H*** out of this apartment and its great lack of a dishwasher.
Well despite not calling Dara for her birthday I had a lot of fun planning and spoiling her. We went to an Irish restuarant in Jordan called Mcools. It was okay, really cheesy though. We then went to 7 peaks and did the summer party AKA drunk high schooler grinding party. It was still really fun though. The next day we did a picnic. I hope she liked it.

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