Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am trying to end the emotional writing void I have hit over the last . . three years. Vincent is growing up so fast. I will include his latest pictures. He will 1 year in 25 days. I try to hold on and cherish every moment with him. I'm afraid that I will blink and he will be married with his own kids. My mom always makes me worried that time will escape me and I will have regrets about all the time that I wasted. Every morning that I wake up exhausted again, I try to remind myself that Vincent will only want my attention for so many years.

This summer has been packed with camping trips. Here is pictures from Vincents first three camping trips

Vincent does really well camping, but hates how his mom won't let him play in the dirt like Lucy.

I really wanted Vincent to experience fireworks this year, but stupid Utah did the stadium of fire two days before the actual holiday and I assumed it would be the day of Independence Day - silly me what was I thinking . . . Here is a cute video from the freedom festival.
Jesse is in school right now and he is going into engineering. He seems to really like, but the stress of getting through school drains him. I try not to say anything to him, but he knows it kills me to leave Vincent everyday. Everyday when I leave he gives me this sad puppy look that says, "I did this to you."
Work has been really great this summer. This summer has been full of surprises so thank goodness the kids give me plenty of hugs to make up for the stress. I watched and feel that I helped a kid completely transform his behavior from feeding off of every negative thing he could to now saying "yes ma'am" to me. I never asked him to say that, but he loves the attention he gets from being so polite and good. Its been a very fulfilling summer. Luckily those kids keep me busy enough not to miss home too much. Some of my favorite quotes of the Summer are

Kid - "Did you know there are 100 persons in the world"
Me - " There is a bit more than that."
Kid - " No there isn't because 100 is where the numbers end."
Me - "oh thanks for letting me know that."

Kid (covering half his eyes) - "Did you know that I can see half the future?"
Me - "oh cool what do you look like.
Kid - "well you know older."

Autistic kid - "Help, K___ is being mean"
Staff - tell him to leave you alone"
kid - "I don't use that language."

Staff - "Who should you give compliments to?"
Kid - "God and Jesus Christ, they really like it."

Kid - " Christina look what I got!" - kid shows me the instructions of a transformer
Me - "Wow you got a transformer!"
Kid " No my brother got the transformer, I got the instructions!!!!"
This kid loves to horde paper so it was thrilling to him.

That is all I can think of at the time. Unfortunately I don't get kids asking me how I got pregnant this year.
Here are more pictures of Vincent.
Jesse's 3 bear rendition of breakfast, oh I love my husband

National Geographic POD