Sunday, March 15, 2009

fat and life

Well I decided that holy cow I have gained weight, thanks to birth control and Jesse's eating habits, so I decided to start running on friday. I think that I am reasonably in shape, I mean for heavens sake I ride my bike home from work everyday and that gives me quite the rush. Well I went running with Jesse, that was the first mistake. He is a monster with long legs and so yes he ran a lot faster than me. He even patronized me further by seeing how many times he could run back and forth between the point we were headed and me. Well I felt fine the next day. a little pain in my love handle area. Well then around seven pm hit and I am sore ahhhh. It still hurts today. My butt, my thighs, and my back all feel like stiff borads. The moral of this story is that I need to work out more. I am going to go runing a lot more. That is my goal of the summer.
Well I am still wowrking at the state hospital much to my dismay. I seem to be striking out a lot with jobs. well I will write more later when I am not busy. I know its been a while.

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