Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas and the following sickness

I really haven't written in far too long. For Christmas we went to my brother Adam's house in California. It was much warmer there -FINALLY WARMTH!!! Here is a family picture. I can't believe how big our family is now.
Its amazing that we all fit in one house. It was one of the first successful holidays without any major blowouts, mostly from my mother.
Jesse won my brother's affection by bringing a prime rib roast that was the hugest thing I have ever seen.
Breanne announced she was pregnant by having her youngest open a gift that was a shirt that said "I'm going to be a big sister." I was shocked, I'm not going to lie. Shes due at the end of July.

Due to the high volume of people in one house and the great quantity of slobber - I got sick (although I think I got it from my mom). I'm still trying to get over that, but while having that I came down with strep throat. So now I have plenty of time to write in my blog because I have been stuck at home for the last four days. I am doing a lot better, except i have run out of TV shows to watch online. Well actually if you really have nothing to do CBS has the original star trek episodes online. They are pretty awesome actually. Although when you are sick the noises make you a little nauseous. Jesse is already back to work after having strep throat for less time. He is such a tank he gets sick and is out for one-to-two days. Dang my crappy immune system.

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