Saturday, August 14, 2010


This week has been stressful. Yesterday we went in to the doctor and since my blood pressure was high they sent us to the hospital to make sure that everything was okay. I had to lay in a hospital bed with monitors on my tummy while getting my blood pressure taken in one arm and my blood taken in the other arm, if that doesn't inspire more stress I'm not sure what will. Jesse had to drag me over there because I didn't want to go because I was scared. I hope thats not how I will react when I do go into labor. I was scared of being induced with all the possible complications, but I just didn't feel ready, I always thought that when I would go into labor I would have contractions to get me ready for it. Anyway I got to lay on the bed of death and wait for all the tests to come back for two hours. I think Jesse was excited because we might have the baby that day, I was not and was annoyed by his unwillingness to support me and my fears (can guys ever really care, its not their body going through hell). I love my husband, but I think he really wants pregnant Christina to be gone. The baby's heartbeat was really good. He kept kicking the monitors and trying to move away from them. The nurse kept having to move the monitor and said well your baby sure seems healthy. That was comforting. My blood pressure dropped and was fine. My blood tests all came back normal. Now I get the lovely opportunity of keeping 24 hours worth of urine. Too much information??? I thought it was annoying to have to pee three times a night, but now I had to put it into a jug. Oh such a hassle . . the things we do for children. In about fifteen minutes that will be over and I get to do the whole monitoring thing again at the hospital. I went to Ikea for my mom's birthday and didn't go pee for a long time - there is nothing worse than being a pregnant woman who has to pee On a side note, i had no idea that i peed so much in a 24 hour period - sick and gross. As I was miserable in Ikea I thought of the ten most miserable things in pregnancy.

1. having to pee all the time in various containers
2. swollen extremities
3. the inability to bend
4. the inability to sleep
5. the inability to eat without feeling sick
6. the vast amount of puke that can come out of you
7. feeling unattractive
8. stretch marks
9. waiting
10. the unbearable heat

The End (There were many more that I wont get into.)

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Erin said...

You are so close!!! You can make if my friend!! Just think... by the time i come to utah you will have a wonderful little son in your arms!

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